International Primary School Stollberg


Goals of educational work

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The fundamental ideas of our school and its special concept:

Media competence and multilingualism is for most European countries, especially through the direction of their educational offerings, taken for granted.

The unification of Europe and the advancement of PC technique including Internet, as well as the results of the PISA-Studies, requires compulsory new educational concepts and the early encouragement of learning abilities in young people. The educational concept of the Saxony International School is based closely on an experienced, successful and tested language promoting model. The bilingual instruction is guided to become increasingly immersive.

At our school, through smaller class size, every student is encouraged and challenged, but never overwhelmed. Our experienced teachers are acquainted with the problems of the students. They take time for the individual in practice and review, and have patience. The full-day schedule offers the children versatile opportunities.

We place great value on the conveyance of solid study habits. Homework is checked and corrected. Anything not understood is immediately clarified. At the appearance of knowledge gaps (for example due to student illness), remedial teaching is provided. To experience that one is worth encouraging, that school problems are solvable, and being a good student can be fun, is for many students the key to a successful life.

The instruction follows the current state-defined curriculum of the Free State of Saxony. The content and hourly plan for individual subjects complies with the current state standards.

Students can perfect their abilities on the computer by participating in a writing course.

Their success makes us right.