International Primary School Stollberg


Results of the education

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Our educational concept, not only in the acquisition of the English language but also in the conveyance of subject-specific content such as mathematics, social studies and German, has showed astonishing results. The children are proud of their English knowledge and their advancement in the individual subjects. They can already follow the classroom instructions in English. 

Naturally now and then we have a problem of one sort or another, so assignments are discussed respectively in English and German.

So that the English content is retained, the classroom directions for the children are simplified and nearly effortless, without extra vocabulary to learn. They are thereby not overwhelmed, because they learn the language throughout the entire instruction. Thus we have oriented ourselves to the worldwide academic findings of foreign language promotional research and the results have successfully transformed our education. The content and language couple very well together, as proved in comprehensive, academic examinations. On the other hand, one should only begin a foreign language, especially with children in class 1 and 2, as a full-day program so the children do not become confused. They can concentrate themselves on the content of the instruction and the language at the same time. In addition, one learns a language better in full-days rather than only afternoons or hourly.

A great value is placed on encouragement and a broad, day-long offering in English, so no learning breakdown appears. We and the parents are happy that we took the academic examination earnestly and decided on this model. Even the appointment of primary school teachers specially educated in English instruction was an accurate and appropriate demand of the Chemnitz Regional Schools Office. In spite of many inquiries and applications, we enjoy clarifying this theme to parents and invite them to our Day of Open Doors and into our modern classrooms to see a presentation of our technical facilities and offerings.