International Primary School Stollberg



im Schuljahr 2016 / 2017

One Wednesday each month, IPS Stollberg hosts the kindergarten students, who will become part of our school community beginning in August, 2017. This is a very fun visit for the little ones, giving them a chance to see the school, meet their new teachers and classmates and get exposure to school routines. The children cycle through four different classrooms, each focused on a different subject, namely, Math, German, English and Sports. Teachers have a variety of fun and engaging activities prepared to give the learners a feel for how the school operates, giving them a chance to experience their new learning environment and increase their confidence. Experience shows that this really helps to eliminate a lot of stress and uncertainty for the children when school begins, as they are already familiar with their new surroundings, including their new teachers. It is a wonderful afternoon filled with lots of laughs and smiling faces! J We look forward to meeting with our new students every month!