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Frequently asked questions

They distract from the lesson. During the break, children should communicate with each other or relax and not play on their cell phones.

If contact is necessary, the telephone in the secretary's office is available or a teacher can be contacted.

After classes, there is homework supervision and then free time supervision. In addition, all-day activities (GTA) are offered.

If you are sick for more than 3 days, we need a medical certificate from your doctor. Before that a note from the parents is sufficient.

Yes, because children need and want exercise. In case of very bad weather conditions it is possible to stay in the school.

Yes, we have a library. Here the students can borrow books.

Yes, students may leave non-essential work materials at school.

Every student should be involved in extracurricular activities. We make a lot of offers for this purpose. After registration, participation is compulsory. Only in urgent exceptional cases a deregistration from the GTA is possible.

No change is desired during the current school year, as participant capacity per GTA is limited.

This is always at the discretion of the teacher. Generally, homework is done in the after-school care center. However, there is also long-term homework such as creating posters, learning poetry or preparing lectures, which of course must be done together with the parents at home. The same applies to learning before larger class tests.

Collection can only take place after the official issue date and by prior arrangement in the secretary's office.

There are several possibilities, e.g. membership in the school association, support at festivals and celebrations, assistance with work assignments, through monetary or material donations or with your own creative ideas.

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