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Sports Festival in IPS

In the last school week the sports festival took place at IPS Stollberg.

This time, however, the focus was not on top athletic performances, but on fun and games. After a short warm-up, the individual classes distributed themselves to the various stations in sunny and warm weather.

In addition to the well-known games such as "ball over the string" and "burn ball", the children's skill was particularly challenged in the "summer biathlon". Similar to the real biathlon, the children had to try to hit through a ring. If this was not achieved, an additional task or distance had to be completed. Accordingly, the motivation was great to achieve as many hits as possible. At the last station, the children took turns driving around the sports field in a "relay Mario Kart". What sounds like a lot of fun was, however, quite exhausting.

A big compliment to all kids for the stamina and the shown performances in these tropical temperatures.

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